A Libyan citizen, Hazim M., announced that he worked and collaborated with scores of armed terrorist groups in Syria, with training on explosive devices manufacturing and exploding.

Hazim M., specialized in explosive devices in the so-called Tripoli Brigade, added in an interview with 'Libya Now' News Agency, that he entered to Syria from Turkey illegally and started working with the armed groups in preparing and planting explosive devices targeting Syria Army personnel.

"I worked also in the Syrian City of Hama with the so-called 'Amar Bin Yasser' battalion and was surprised to know that all members of the said battalion belong to Arab and Africa nationalities,'' said Hazim M.

Hazim M. described blasted the ongoing killings and destruction by the armed terrorist groups, which consist of gangs and killers, Calling on Libyan and Arab fighters not to enter to Syria because the ongoing there is never a popular revolt.

World Mathaba: Reports from social media networks confirm that many Libyan terrorists have entered Syria after the NATO-led overthow of the Jamahiriya government to join the armed terrorists who now seek to overthrow the Syrian government and to oust its president Bashar al-Assad. In the following Arabic-language video former head of the Tripoli Brigade, Mehdi Alharati, reportedly carries out an attack at a Syrian government checkpoint.

On Tuesday SANA also reports that Algerian authorities have arrested a Tunisian terrorist on his way to Syria:

The Tunisian al-Maghreb newspaper reported that the Algerian authorities arrested a Tunisian terrorist at Houari Boumediene Airport while on his way to Syria.

The Newspaper reported that the terrorist Khaled Taeb was using a fake passport according to his confession in front of the Algerian investigating judge and that a member of the Salafi group to which he belongs gave it to him.

The Tunisian newspaper added that an Algerian source said the arrested man is a university student and he belongs to a terrorist group, adding that he was assigned ALONG with another youth to recruit youths to work for the terrorist organization.