Syrian army to clear Aleppo of terrorists

Syrian security forces are preparing to launch a massive operation to clear the northern city of Aleppo of insurgents. Three reinforcement teams are being sent to Aleppo in order to eliminate the foreign-backed armed men and restore security to the city, a Press TV correspondent said on Friday. He added that Syrian security forces are still chasing insurgents in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus while there are clashes between insurgents and the Syrian army in these areas. (Read more)

Rebels, Syrian army clash in Damascus suburb

Heavy clashes have broken out between the Syrian army and insurgents in the capital’s suburb of al-Tadamun. The clashes come as the UN General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution against the Syrian government on Friday.

40 terrorists killed in Homs

Syrian troops have killed at least 40 insurgents in the restive city of Homs as military operations to secure the region continue. Many others were also injured in the operation in al-Hamidieh district of the city on Friday, Syrian Sham radio reported. (Read more)

Syrian rebels threaten to kill Iranian media staff

Syrian insurgents have publicly threatened to target Iranian media staff in the crisis-hit country over their factual coverage of ongoing clashes in the restive northwestern city of Aleppo.

Top insurgent leaders on Thursday made death threats against the director of Arabic-language Al-Alam news network in Syria, Hossein Mortada, and gave similar warnings to Maya Naser, who is the local correspondent of English-language Press TV news network in Aleppo. (Read more)

Syrian UN Representative: Countries adopting the draft resolution lead hysteric campaign against Syria

Syria's Permanent Representative in the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, on Friday said that the countries which adopt the draft resolution are leading a hysteric campaign against Syria, funding and arming the armed terrorist groups and imposing sanctions on the Syrian people.

In a speech before the assembly, al-Jaafari added that some of these countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain are governed by tyrannical regimes.

For his part, Venezuela Representative in the UN said that the Syrian government is not facing a democratic and peaceful opposition. (Read more)

Opposition Groups abroad to use Email Addresses of some Official Institutions in Syria and send Fake Emails

Some sources informed the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the opposition groups abroad will use the email addresses of a number of official institutions in Syria, including SANA, to address ministries and important figures.

The sources added that the opposition groups will send fake emails through these email addresses, particularly SANA email

SANA website was exposed to foreign electronic attack in an attempt to hack and prevent the daily Syrian, Arab and foreign visitors from browsing it. All hacking attempts have been failed.

In the same context, undefined sides have stolen SANA Logo and designed an English-Arabic announcement containing instigative calls and published it via e-mail.

On June, 27th , an armed terrorist group attacked the HQ of Syrian News TV Channel Al-Ikhbariya, destroyed the building and stole its equipment before detonating it. (Source)

Rebel terrorists threaten Christians who were protected by Assad

The streets are most dangerous that is, unless it’s a Friday, when a few Syrian Christians dare to step outside of their homes amidst the persecution of Syria’s Christians by the Islamic rebels of the 'Free Syrian Army'.

The Christians in Syria (10% of its population) could be facing a bloodbath. The signs are there right now, and only Russian and Chinese resistance to 'the West' is keeping the Syrian church from complete extermination. (Read more)

Armed Terrorists Shoot Demonstrators to Accuse Syrian Army – former terrorist supporter

Mohamad Salim Qabbani, a former collaborator with Mass Media means of lies and fabrications against Syria, narrated last night to Syrian Satellite TV Channel his personal involvement in fabricating news about the ongoing in Syria.

Qabbani disclosed the presence of scores of specialized so-called news rooms to invent, edit and fabricate news items and stories to be aired by scores of media outlets like B.B.C., al-Jazeera, France 24, al-Arabyia and others. (Read more)

Oil pipeline blasted in Syria, terrorists blamed

­Armed groups have blown up a pipeline in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Al-Zour, causing a massive fire, the SANA news agency reported. There were no immediate reports of any casualties. According to officials it will take several days to repair the pipeline and put it back in operation. In a separate incident in the same city, armed groups reportedly kidnapped the city's mufti, Abul-Qader al-Rawi. Authorities have launched an operation to rescue the mufti. (RT news line)

Russia sends naval vessels to Syria

Russia is sending three navy vessels with hundreds of marines aboard to a Moscow-leased naval facility in the Syrian port of Tartus.

The ships are currently conducting planned exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and will make a port call in Tartus to pick up fresh food and water supplies, Russian news agencies quoted a source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces as saying on Friday. (Read more)

An August 2 report from Aleppo with English annotations - some graphic contents

Turkey flexes military muscle on Syria border

The Turkish military has staged a drill on the country’s southeastern border with Syria, a day after holding a tank exercise in another border region.

The drill, which took place in the Mursitpinar region of the Sanliurfa province, tested heavy military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and missile launching platforms, AFP reported on Thursday.

The exercise comes just a day after Turkey launched a tank exercise in the Nusaybin district of the Mardin province, just two kilometers away from the Syrian border. (Read more)

Russia blames US for Annan resignation as envoy for Syria crisis

Russia has blamed the United States for the resignation of Kofi Annan as the joint United Nations and Arab League envoy for the Syria crisis.

“When yesterday the Washington Post came up with an article which was harshly critical of Kofi Annan, I think if the United States were really in support of the special envoy, the spokesman of the State Department could have said a few things in defense of the special envoy,” Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told reporters after a UN Security Council briefing on Syria at the UN headquarters in New York City on Thursday. (Read more)

US playing blame game over Annan resignation: Iran FM

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has criticized the US for playing blame game over the resignation of former UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan.

“The US is playing blame game [over Annan's resignation], because [it was] the Western countries and certain regional states that sabotaged Annan’s plan,” Salehi told IRNA on Friday, after Washington blamed the envoy’s resignation on Russia and China. (Read more)

Regrets and fingerpointing as world powers swallow Annan’s resignation

Kofi Annan’s resignation from his post as the UN-Arab League joint envoy to Syria has prompted an ample international reaction. While most countries regretted the decision, some used the opportunity to take new jabs at the Syrian leadership. (Read more)

Iran Foreign Ministry calls for joint efforts to end Syria unrest

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast calls on all regional countries to make collective efforts to end the ongoing unrest in Syria after Kofi Annan decided to quit his mission as the special UN-Arab League envoy to the Arab country.

“The independent countries in the region will bear a heavier responsibility to prevent clashes inside Syria, and all countries that are interested in establishing stability and security in the very important region of the Middle East should make joint efforts to restore peace in Syria,” Mehmanparast, who is now in the Chinese city of Shanghai, told IRNA on Friday. (Read more)

Internal Trade Minister: The U.S. and EU Sanctions on Syria Target the Livelihood of the Syrian People

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil, said Syria is facign an unfair Western economic blockade, stressing that the Western and U.S. sanctions on Syria target the Syrian people in their livelihood.

In a press conference in the Russian capital following meeting Russian officials, Jamil described the talks in Moscow as "constructive" as both sides agreed on boosting economic cooperation between Syria and Russia in various areas. (Read more)

Economic Talks between Syria and Russia continue in Different Sectors

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Interior Trade and the Protection of Consumer Qadri Jamil said that viewpoints between Syria and Russia are identical and close on the way of how to solve the crisis in Syria.

"The talks held between the Syrian delegation with the Russian side concentrated on industry, oil, gas, health, medicine and the higher education," Jamil said in a speech to Voice of Russia Radio. (Read more)

Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez criticises west over Syria (English subtitles)

Britain says will step up support for Syrian insurgents

Britain says it will continue to increase support for Syrian insurgents fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Friday that London will increase practical “but non-lethal support'' for armed groups in Syria.

"We will over the coming weeks increase our practical but non-lethal support to the opposition," Hague said adding, "We have helped with communications and matters of that kind and we will help them more in this situation.” (Source)

Syria cracks down on sponsors of terrorism

Government forces and the opposition are fiercely fighting in Aleppo. The outcome of the fight is important both strategically and psychologically. The economic capital of Syria cannot belong to the rebels: their victory will inevitably open the way to establishing control over the north of the country. Foreign Minister of Syria urged the UN to demand that the powerful countries of the East and West stop supporting terror. The latter are discussing the removal of Assad. (Read more)

The Somalia Model: Israel’s Plan for Syria

Israel retains its ability to control the Syrian ‘Islamist’ rebels. Netanyahu is not worried about Syria’s possible disintegration. Despite the received wisdom claiming that Israelis prefer a stable and familiar Assad to the great unknown of Islamic guerrillas, the new and sensational information we received points out to the opposite, namely: Israelis prefer the Somalisation of Syria, its break-up and the elimination of its army, as this will allow them to tackle Iran unopposed. (Read more)

West opens terrorist Pandora’s Box in Syria - Finian Cunningham

The Western countries have opened a “terrorist Pandora’s Box” in Syria, belying their self-proclaimed support for a “pro-democracy movement” in the Arab country, an analyst argues.

“The truth is that the Western governments, their intelligence agencies and professional killers, along with their Turk, Arab and Israeli allies, have opened a terrorist Pandora’s Box in Syria. And no amount of hairsplitting can close the lid on that heinous crime of aggression,” Finian Cunningham wrote in an article published on Press TV website. (Read more)

Syrian terrorists at a former primary school in the center of Syria's restive northern city of Aleppo.

Churkin: Western Countries Have Hidden Goals in Syria Not Based on Objective Information

Vitaly Churkin, the Ambassador of Russia to the United Nations, asserted that western countries have hidden goals in Syria which aren't based on objective information related to the events in Syria.

Churkin, in press statements yesterday following the announced resignation of Kofi Annan, the UN envoy to Syria, blasted the stances of western states whose deeds contradict their statements, citing western verbal support to Annan and their strategy of obstructing Annan's mission. (Read more)

Washington Times: Handing guns to Syrian rebels may not be a bright idea

Reuters reported Wednesday that President Obama “signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.” This latest leak of classified information was attributed to “U.S. sources familiar with the matter.” Lethal covert assistance undoubtedly will help the rebel cause, but the United States is risking letting advanced weapons fall into the hands of the country’s most deadly terrorist foes. (Read more)

August, Syria: Is this the month the FUKUS Three act? - Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Kofi Annan is not going to prolong his position as envoy for the UNO and Arab League for Syria. The reason is quite clear: the countries which are supposed to be supporting him are undermining his position, although he has invented some other excuse. Meanwhile France takes over as President of the UNSC. Watch this space. (Read more)

'US, West seek imperialist policy in Syria' - Interview with former American Intelligence Linguist

Towards A "Soft Invasion"? The Launching of a "Humanitarian War" against Syria - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

The Obama administration, in liaison with London, Paris, Tel Aviv and NATO headquarters in Brussels, is mulling over various military "intervention options" directed against Syria, including the conduct of both naval and air operations in support of "opposition" rebel forces on the ground.  The US and its impervious British ally are on a "humanitarian war footing". (Read more)

CIA and Mossad on Syria Front Line – Pepe Escobar

'US, Saudi Arabia fighting proxy war in Syria' - London Middle East expert

NATO’s Secret Kurdish War: Turkey Prepares Iraq-Style Attacks Inside Syria - Rick Rozoff

Recent reports detail a Turkish military buildup on the Turkish-Syrian border with various accounts mentioning the deployment of troops, tanks, armored personnel carriers and missile batteries two kilometers from Syrian territory, with 25 tanks from the Mardin 70th Mechanized Brigade engaged in exercises along the border.

The Turkish rationale for the military escalation is that forces of the Democratic Union Party, an ethnic Kurdish group that Ankara accuses of being affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, have assumed control of the Syrian cities of Efrin (Afrin), Kobane and Amude (Amuda) near southeastern Turkey. (Read more)

Syria And America’s New World Order - Yekaterina Kudashkina

AUDIO: Download

Vyacheslav Matuzov, the Director of the Friendship and Business Cooperation Society with Arab countries, talks about American geopolitical plans in the Middle East.

These leaks are not unexpected acts from the American administration, because if we take into consideration that the approach to the Syrian crisis for one year and more was according to one conclusion – that behind all the Arab Spring are American geopolitical plans to overthrow unpleasant regimes in the Middle East. I think that it is unexpected only for those who were considering the Middle East revolutions as the internal business of the Arab world. (Read more)

We must Unite against a War with Syria

Syria and the Dismembering of the Arab World - Dr. Makram Khoury-Machool

The behaviour of the NATO-aligned, anti-Syrian bloc is now blatant enough for us to better understand what is happening in Syria. On the one hand, we find political operators such the ad-hoc group ‘Friends of Syria’, and on the other, two Arab personalities, both ministers of two Gulf sheikhdoms. (Read more)

Saudi spymaster linchpin in CIA-Mossad plots against Syria - Dr. Ismail Salami

A senior political analyst says Saudi Arabia’s spymaster Prince Bandar bin Sultan is the linchpin in the “dastardly subterfuges” of the CIA and Mossad against Syria. “Known as ‘Bandar Bush’ on account of his close ties with former US President George Bush, the prince-cum-spymaster is widely considered as a linchpin in CIA-Mossad dastardly subterfuges in Syria and Iran and his appointment to such a sensitive position is from an intelligence point of view regarded a strategic step to contribute to the materialization of these sinister plans,” prominent political analyst Dr. Ismail Salami wrote in an article on Press TV website. (Read more)

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