Exported Swiss arms mysteriously reach Syria

Hand grenades exported by Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates several years ago, are now in Syria, according to the Swiss government. The finding comes after a newspaper photograph showed a Syrian rebel with a Swiss-made grenade. The picture prompted Switzerland to set up a joint commission with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in July, according to AP. Switzerland temporarily halted arms shipments to the UAE after the photo was printed, but lifted a block on licenses for such deliveries once the commission was established. The investigation found that the UAE gave part of a shipment of Swiss hand grenades to Jordan in 2004, to support its fight against terrorism. "From there the hand grenades evidently made their way to Syria," a Swiss government statement said. (Read more)

FSA terrorists move HQ from Turkey to Syria to prepare offensive against Assad

Syria’s main rebel group has moved its command center from the Turkish border into central Syria to prepare for an offensive against President Bashar al-Assad’s troops in Damascus. The [so-called] Free Syrian Army made the announcement via video message. It’s the first video message to be recorded by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from Syria since the group founded its command center in Turkey 19 months ago, Al Jazeera reports. “To the Syrian people, its freedom fighters and all the armed factions, we are glad to let you know that the leadership of the FSA has moved into Syria following arrangements made with other brigades that included securing liberated areas with the hope of launching the offensive on Damascus,” FSA [terrorist] commander Riyad al-Assad said. (Read more)

Syrian President Assad said in an interview [that appeared in] the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram al-Arabi on September 20 that the Syrian government will finally defeat the insurgents who are “using terrorism against the Syrian state.” The insurgents “have no support among the people. Ultimately they will not emerge victorious,” the Syrian president pointed out. (Read more)

Terrorist leader Riad al-Assad

Syrian insurgent commander Riad al-Asa’ad (C) is seen reading a statement in this video footage grab, September 22, 2012.

Terrorist leader: "We prepare for new battle in Damascus"

In Accordance to the great losses that have been inflicted upon the militants in several areas in Syrian Arab Republic, and take in consideration the escalation of security operations that have left hundreds of deaths among the ranks of [so-called] Free Army, the Leader of [this so-called] Free Army, Riad al-Asa’ad, stated that his members are preparing to a new battle in Damascus. In a video that has been published on YouTube, al-Asa’ad has announced moving the leadership of Free Army from Turkey to Syria. Al-Asa’ad said that he is inside the Syrian territories, in an area that he claimed to be a “Freed one”. (Source)

Final Statement by the 'Friends of the Syrian Gangs'- group in the Hague

Syrian security forces find mass grave in Damascus

Syrian security forces have discovered a mass grave in the capital Damascus, containing the bodies of at least 25 civilians killed by Western-backed insurgents. According to Syria’s state news agency, the mass grave was found in the district of al-Qadam on Friday after local residents tipped off authorities. The report said the bodies had their hands tied and their eyes masked, suggesting execution style killings, which are carried out by “armed terrorist group” fighting against the Syrian government. (Read more)

Dozens of insurgents killed in Homs, militant commander killed

Syrian Army forces have inflicted heavy losses on foreign-sponsored insurgents in the western city of Homs, killing dozens of them. Syrian soldiers launched an attack against members of an armed group in the al-Dousarieh neighborhood of the conflict-stricken city, situated 160 kilometers (99 miles) north of Damascus, on Saturday and shot them dead, the SANA news agency reported. A unit of the Syrian Army also clashed with a group of insurgents in the al-Rastan district of Homs on Saturday and killed all of them. Militant commander Mohammad Shneir was identified among the dead. (Read more)

National Conference for Rescuing Syria starts

Conference on SyriaNational Conference for Rescuing Syria kicked off in Damascus on Sunday with the participation of more than 20 opposition parties, currents and groups.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Russian Ambassador in Damascus Azamat Kulmukhametov stressed the need for finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria by the Syrians themselves away from any foreign intervention which includes the halt of funding, arming and harboring the armed groups with foreign mercenaries in their ranks. He added that the main issue for now is to put an immediate end to violence in Syria from all sides and shift to the peaceful and political solution through serious national dialogue without pre-set conditions, stressing that this "is the sole way out of the current crisis whose continuation bodes no good either for Syria or for the region as a whole." (Read more)

Premier al-Halqi: Crisis in final Phase; Economy Secure

Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, stressed that the crisis in Syria is in its final stage thanks to the Syrian people's unity and the precious sacrifice being offered by the Syrian army in confrontation of terrorism. He pointed out to the signs of international political shift towards a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria and the calls for dialogue and national reconciliation. During his meeting with Chairman and members of the Executive Office of the General Sports Federation on Sunday, Premier al-Halqi said "The Syrian economy is secure, and we have enough food, medicine and oil derivatives available in all Syrian provinces." (Read more)

Syrian troops kill scores of insurgents killed in Aleppo

Syrian Army soldiers have killed scores of foreign-backed insurgents fighting government forces in the flashpoint city of Aleppo. The armed men were killed during intense clashes with Syrian troops in the al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo on Saturday, the SANA news agency reported. Syrian troops also destroyed a weapons cache in the Sayyed Ali neighborhood of the violence-plagued city, which is located 355 kilometers (220 miles) north of Damascus, and killed all the insurgents at the site, the Syrian military announced. (Read more)


Syrian insurgents stand at a checkpoint in the al-Amiriya neighborhood of Aleppo on September 22, 2012.

121 persons from Aleppo involved in events without committing murder released

121 persons from Aleppo who were misled into getting involved in the current events without committing murder were released, having pledged to not bear arms or commit acts of vandalism again. A number of the released said that their release marks a new beginning for them to carry on their normal lives and help build their homeland. (Read more)

Rebel offensive beaten off

Syrian government forces have quashed a rebel attempt to seize three strategic towns in the northwestern Idlib province close to Syria’s border with Turkey. They have destroyed 5 rebel buses and more than 40 off-road vehicles carrying heavy machine guns. The rebels say they have downed a government jet. In Aleppo, meanwhile, government troops have continued their offensive, leaving over 20 rebels dead and dozens wounded. (Source)

Memorial Service to Commemorate SANA reporter Ali Abbas Martyrdom on Monday 

Ali AbbasIn honor to media martyr, Ali Abbas, Ministry of Information and the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) hold the forty days death memorial service to commemorate Abbas' martyrdom at 12 pm on Monday at al-Baath Hall in the Ministry HQ. On August 11th , an armed terrorist group assassinated colleague Ali Abbas at his residence in Jdaidet Artouz in Damascus Countryside. (Source)

Syria insurgents attack Lebanese army post near border

Syrian insurgents have attacked a Lebanese military checkpoint near the border with Syria, Lebanon’s army says. The army said in a Saturday statement that the attack took place in the Arsal region on Friday but there were no casualties. "Overnight a large number of insurgents attacked a Lebanese army post in the Arsal region. This was the second time in less than a week that the (so-called) Free Syrian Army has entered Lebanese territory," the army said. It added that Lebanese military forces have been sent “to the area and began to pursue the gunmen, who fled after the attack towards the mountains and several border towns and villages" inside Lebanon. (Read more)

Turkey deploys military units along Syria border

Turkey has deployed military units along its border with Syria whose Army is engaged in intense fighting with insurgents as tensions in the region escalate. On Saturday, the Turkish army deployed artillery and anti-aircraft missiles near a Syrian border post in the province of al-Raqa, which is being disputed between security forces and insurgents in fierce clashes. The deployment is reportedly in an area where the Turkish media say artillery fire from Syria landed last week, causing panic among local residents. (Read more)

Ban and Ibrahimi Meet, Discuss Syria Crisis

Ban and IbrahimiThe United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met the international envoy to Syria al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi on Saturday to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria. Ban and Ibrahimi expressed hope that an upcoming UN General Assembly summit will help improve the humanitarian situation in Syria. In a statement released after the meeting, the United Nations said the two men focused on how to address what they called "the appalling levels of violence in Syria."

They also examined ways to progress towards an “inclusive political solution that will meet the legitimate demands of the Syrian people.” "They agreed that the worsening crisis in Syria represents a steadily increasing threat to regional peace and security," the statement said. (Read more)

NATO official rules out military intervention in Syria

NATO does not believe that military intervention in Syria would bring any improvement, says a senior alliance official. (Source)

France, allies discussing no-fly-zone over Syria, French official says

France and its allies are discussing the establishment of a no-fly-zone over Syria, according to a French official says. "We are working, but not only us, a lot of countries are working on the issue of a no-fly zone, but for the moment it is clear that it's very difficult to set up for several reasons," AFP quoted a senior French official as saying in Washington on Friday. "We are talking with all our partners, with the Turks, with the Americans, with the Brits, with others," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. He went on to say that the decision must be approved by the United Nations Security Council, where it will probably face opposition from Russia and China. (Read more)

Aleppo Midan People Celebrate Arrival of Syrian Army

Damascus starts dialogue with Opposition Groups

Syrian opposition groups convened in Damascus to take part in the "national conference for rescuing Syria" to find a domestic solution to the current crisis in their country. According to local sources, governmental officials in charge, the representatives of 20 opposition groups, as well as senior diplomats from various countries attended the event on Sunday. The opposition groups invited foreign diplomats to act as the observers of the conference which had already been postponed several times. Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Reza Sheibani as well as Russian envoy to Syria are among the most important foreign participants in the conference. (Read more)

Iran holds talks with Syrian Opposition

Ali LarijaniIranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Tehran officials have held talks with Syrian opposition groups, and accused certain states of blocking Iran's efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria. Larijani told the Financial Times on Tuesday that Iranian diplomats had met members of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as ultraconservative Salafists and liberals and encouraged them to accept "democratic reforms through peaceful behavior, not violence". Larijani did not identify names of opposition members nor the exact dates of the meetings, which he said took place in Iran and were continuing. Tehran had previously informed that it had "contact" with the Syrian opposition. (Read more)

Syria internal opposition urges peaceful solution to end unrest

Members of Syria's internal opposition are holding a conference in the capital Damascus to find ways to end months of bloody unrest in the country. The meeting dubbed the "Syria Salvation Conference" was organized by the National Coordination Body (NCB). Iranian, Russian and Chinese envoys also attended the Friday meeting. A statement distributed to journalists said the participants in the conference have agreed on a number of principles, including a peaceful political solution to the country’s unrest and an immediate ceasefire. The statement added that following the ceasefire, the opposition and representatives of the Syrian government would start negotiations. "The main goal now is to put an immediate end to the violence in Syria, whether from the government side or the armed groups," Russia's ambassador Azamat Kulmukhametov said. (Read more)

Syrian opposition

Raja al-Nasser (C), the General Secretary of the NCB, speaks as other participants from more than 20 opposition parties attend a national conference to discuss ways to get Syria out of crisis, Damascus, September 23, 2012.

Egypt's Mursi: Iran Vital in Ending Syria Crisis

Egyptian President Mohmad Mursi said on Saturday that building a strong relationship with Iran is important for Egypt at this time to be able to exert efforts aimed at ending the ongoing crisis in Syria. During a televised interview, his first to state TV since his election last June, Mursi described Iran as "a main player in the region that could have an active and supportive role in solving the Syrian problem." (Read more)

Gradual Return of Normal Life in al-Hajar al-Asawd in Damascus

DamascusThe inhabitants of al-Hajar al-Aswad area in Damascus who were forced to leave their houses due to the armed terrorist groups' criminal acts started to return to the neighborhood gradually as the Syrian army cleared it of terrorists.

A lot of memories came back totheir minds as they walked the neighborhood's streets. Bearded gunmen firing on everything, heaps of ashes, burnt clothes and furniture here and there. Empty bullets for snipers targeting passing men, women and children and many other stories.

Um Mohammad gathered up her things from the house of her daughter in Palestine Camp with eagerness and determination to go home in al-Hajar al-Aswad which she was forced to leave because of the mercenary terrorists who rampaged through the neighborhood and destroyed everything. (Read more)

Damascus Countryside: The militia of so-called Free Army tortures a Syrian citizen to death in al-Ma'damia town

Pro-government activists have published a video that’s filmed by the members of Free Army, showing the Syrian citizen Ammar Sawan gets a severe torture and beaten on the head and genitals. The Syrian Citizen was claimed by the Free Army to rape girls who are known of their opposition stances. Ammar had died of his wounds, as his body was found in the orchards of al-Ma’damia of Damascus Countryside on September 2012. (Watch video)

Syrian community and Italian activists reject western policy against Syria

  • Armed Forces Destroy 40 DShK-equipped Cars, Clear Terrorists' Hideouts in Aleppo
  • Italy: Syrian community and Italian activists reject western policy against Syria
  • Second Batch of Russian Aid Arrives in Syria with 38 Tons of Food Supplies
  • Obama acknowledges increase al Qaeda terrorists activities in Syria

A blast occurs in Damascus city on Sunday

The correspondent of Breaking News said that an explosive device has blasted near the Four Seasons hotel in the City Center of Damascus. The explosive device weighted about 400 grams and was planted in between the Four Seasons hotel, Vitoria and the President bridges. The blast resulted in one martyrdom and two injuries of civilians. (Read more)

Unknown Groups Purchase Weapons from Iraq to be Smuggled to Syria

Religious authorities in Iraq issued fatwas forbidding buying or selling weapons across the country, as unknown groups purchased weapons from areas in central and southern Iraq, amid confirmed reports that this campaign is backed by intelligence services of some countries to smuggle the weapons to Syria. RT television said in a report on Sunday "There have been ample reports in Iraq about an organized campaign by unknown groups to buy Kalashnikovs, guns, PKCs from the locals in central and southern Iraq.'' Iraqi MP Mohamed al-Lakkash said ''There are arms traders in Iraq, and weapons are bought from the locals due to the deteriorating living conditions of people who bear arms, which gave rise to an organized campaign of buying weapons.'' (Read more)

Aoun: Syria is staunch despite all

AounLeader of "Change and Reform", Michel Aoun, ruled out any western military intervention in Syria. He asserted that the crisis in Syria will end either through holding political dialogue or by the defeat of the opposition despite mobilizing a large number of al-Qaeda members sent them to Syria. Aoun stressed that Syria is staunch despite the siege imposed by the Western countries against it. He pointed out that summoning the Western ambassadors from Syria doesn't mean that the country collapsed as the Syrian foreign policy still strong and coherent. (Source) (Leader of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement party, Michel Aoun, survives an assassination attempt)

Iran accuses German Siemens of sabotaging its nuclear plant as Turkey sends heavy weapons to Syria border – Tyler Durden

It seems you can't turn your back on the Middle East for more than a few minutes without something going bump in the desert. Sure enough, a few shorts hours after we reported that the leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guards is certain war with Israel is coming, here comes Iran again with the stunning admission that none other than German industrial conglomerate, and occasional maker of nuclear power plants, Siemens was reponsible for "implanting tiny explosives inside equipment the Islamic Republic purchased for its disputed nuclear program. Prominent lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi said Iranian security experts discovered the explosives and removed them before detonation, adding that authorities believe the booby-trapped equipment was sold to derail uranium enrichment efforts. "The equipment was supposed to explode after being put to work, in order to dismantle all our systems," he said. "But the wisdom of our experts thwarted the enemy conspiracy." (Read more)

Question to Obama: Why is the US supporting Al Qaeda in Syria?

West impedes political solution to Syria unrest – Iran MP

“The West and the Zionist regime [of Israel], with the help of the Arab reactionary countries, are struggling to bring any political solution to the Syria crisis to a deadlock and topple the Syrian government through violent measures,” Ahmad Shohani, a member of Iran Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said. (Read more)

Turkey, vehicle for Western aggression against Syria – James Petras

I think the resentment of many, many Turks and I don’t mean only the Alawites, but Turks that Turkey has become a vehicle for Western aggression against Syria and the fact that there are tens of thousands now of refugees that are affecting the life of many, many Turks that live in the border regions and even beyond. (Read more)

Scandinavian ex-special forces train so-called Free Army in Edlib- Syria

The Free Army members trained at 'Unit 309 training camp' Armed rebels have been turned into a disciplined military force, with the help of tens of millions of dollars of funding from the Middle East and under the watchful gaze of foreign former Special Forces. More than a dozen training camps have been set up in Edlib province, in which young men prepare for the fight against The Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Government as well. In one camp, ‘recruits’ were put through their paces on an arduous obstacle course.

Timed to the shouts of Commander Abdel Qader, the men vaulted walls, scrambled under razor wire mesh and swung along ropes in the tree tops. Two men looked on from the tented sleeping quarters nearby. Tall with shaven heads, fair skin, bulging pectoral muscles, and biceps covered in tattoos, they were incongruous among the scrawny young fighters. They could not speak Arabic. (Read more)

Saudi's Millions, European Special Forces Train Syrian Terrorist Force – T. West

After the killing of the US ambassador in Libya and three other Americans, including two Navy Seals, the US was scrambling to contain the situation in Benghazi, Libya. It was distracted from the situation in Syria but the Europeans remained engaged in spreading the chaos and supporting the terrorists fighting against the Syrian government. The Western European nations have personnel engaged on the ground in Syria and in surrounding countries to train as well as engage in combat against the Syrian government forces which Western press refers to as the "regime". (Watch video)

West tests double standards on Syria – Konstantin Garibov

The West is testing its double standard policy on Syria. That’s how Russian experts have reacted to the reports that Western countries are planning to supply a large batch of heavy arms to the Syrian opposition and also that the United States has tightened sanctions against a Belarusian company which it suspects of supplying weapons to Damascus. At the latest session of the so-called Friends of Syria Group in the Netherlands, representatives of more than 60 European and Arab countries called for boosting military support to opponents of the Bashar Assad regime. The possibility of bringing more groups of anti-Assad mercenaries into the country was also discussed. Simultaneously, the United States slapped new sanctions against a Belarusian company, Belvneshpromservis, for the alleged arms supplies to Syria. Minsk refuted the allegations, seeing them as part of pressure on Belarus for having repeatedly spoken out in favor of a peaceful solution to the crisis. (Read more)

Footage of pro-Syria demonstration in The Hague, September 15