"They killed you because they are scared of your words and the truth." - Naser's father while mourning the loss of his son during a funeral ceremony on Thursday near the city of Homs.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad:

[Expressing his sincere condolences over the death of the Press TV correspondent and calling on everyone to respect the sanctity of reporters] I do hope that such an event will not be repeated anywhere in the world and I do hope that all, without paying attention to the personal preferences, will come to condemn such events. (Read more)

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast:

The mass media are working in the most difficult circumstances to reflect the realities and truth to the public opinion, and recourse to violence and terrorism can never prevent Syria’s realities from being revealed to people. (Read more)

Ibrahim Mousawi, director of Hezbullah Mass Media:

First, let me offer my condolences to Press TV, Al-Alam TV, Iranian press agencies and to all those who have been following the authentication of a news [piece] that comes from certain media outlets. We know very well that the battle in Syria and the whole changes that are taking place in the region is not only a military battle. We know very well that there is a lot of propaganda that is trying to mislead the people, to mislead the public about what is really going on.

We all know that, during the first months of what was happening in Syria, it has only been depicted as a kind of revolution, peaceful demonstrations or whatever. But we are able to see that these reports that have been coming from certain media outlets like Press TV and others have been able to be successful and to be among the vanguards and pioneers to unmask the face of the foreign conspiracy, the face the Western intervention, and the face of all of those who are trying to destroy the country and to target the axis of resistance and steadfastness in this region.

Targeting Press TV exclusively is sending a very strong message about the kind of annoyance, about the pain they feel about how successful Press TV and Maya Naser was in unmasking the truth that is taking place. The problem is that others are not only afraid of the public and the masses who are in complete steadfastness with the position of the government, they are also afraid of the words, words are very important and that is why they are being targeted. (Read more)

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda.Ru:

For all of those who have any questions at all as to what is really happening in Syria, then let the murder of journalist and civilian Maya Nasser serve as an eye-opener, let what happened to him show up the terrorist filth which the west has unleashed on the good people of Syria and let his martyrdom serve as a shining light to illuminate the paths of those who stand up against evil, as he did.

I did not know Maya Naser but I already feel like I did, after having read so many heartfelt messages of love for this young man whose journalism made a difference as he told the truth about what is really happening in Syria, currently working for Press TV. Below are two examples of the sincerity of the Syrian people, expressing their indignance at the criminal intrusion into Syria's internal affairs by the FUKUS Axis, France, UK and US and expressing their horror at the terrorist atrocities by the FSA, the darlings of the west, who have today murdered a young journalist - a civilian - in cold blood. (Read more)

Mimi al-Alam a.k.a. Syrian Girl Partisan:

It is difficult to write this as Maya's email is still 'online' right next to me on my gmail account, his status said 'live" and indeed it feels like he's still alive. Harder still to know that the answer to my chat question 'are you alive' will not be answered. Even though I know...

Even though I hadn't known Maya long, he was hard not to like. Maya had no hatred in his heart, even for his enemies. When I spoke to him about anger he urged me to be patient, kind and respectful to people who disagreed with me.

The last time he spoke, he told me a very powerful story that he asked me to keep off the record. But now I feel like he left it with me.

He had invited 3 heads of the FSA, salafists to Damascus at his expense assuring them on his word they will not be harmed. He hoped that seeing a different way of life would change their attitude. After they had been in Damascus for 3 days, he invited them to dinner in front of a restaurant which was in front of an old church and an old mosque that existed together peacefully for a long time. (Read more)

Maya Naser interview by Syrian Girl Partisan, 3 weeks before his death

(Interview starts at 5:00)

Joshua Blakeny, Press TV colleague:

Maya Naser will be remembered as a martyr who selflessly engaged in an uphill struggle to debunk the Israelocentric, anti-Syrian propaganda which was disseminated by media outlets including, CNN, Fox News, The National Post, The Guardian, CBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, to name a few, in 2011-2012 period. I joined Press TV during this period as their Canadian correspondent and thus had the good fortune of calling myself Maya's colleague.

Those who oppose a prosperous and strong Syrian state have a long track record of targeting journalists and truth-tellers such as my slain colleague Maya Naser. They do so because their imperialist strategies are contingent on the stupefaction and desensitization of the public in Western imperialist countries. Many journalists and politicians in nations such as Canada, the US, Britain, Australia and France have accepted blood money to illuminate the perspectives of those who seek the destruction of Syria. Such unethical journalists and politicians believe that if they repeat the lie that a "democratic revolution" is taking place in Syria then people will believe it. Maya Naser's honest reporting clearly posed a threat to this well-funded, fraudulent agenda of disinformation.

In his reports my colleague drew attention, for example, to the significant support in Syria for the Syrian military and Syrian government led by President Assad, who are trying their best to assert Syrian sovereignty by extirpating the black-clad armed gangs who are fomenting sectarianism and discord at the behest, primarily, of Washington and Tel Aviv. Maya refused to allow the zeitgeist of the Arab Spring be co-opted by the imperialists to gloss-over their ruthless goals for Syria. He conveyed the outrage of ordinary Syrians at the destruction of their nation. (Read more)

Omar Nashabe, political analyst:

First, before I proceed, I just want to present my condolences to the family of Mr. Naser and to Press TV and all the workers in Press TV. This is a very tragic moment and I hope also that the wounded journalists will get better soon. There is apparently a direction to, actually, show only one side of what's going on. They just want to show what actually is to the benefit of the political agenda of Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Qatar and behind them the United States and I think this all falls into the interest of Israel.

This is an ongoing destructive process of the Syrian infrastructure. This is a destruction of a nation that has stood by the resistance and as Seyyed Ibrahim Mousawi, the spokesperson or the director of media in Hezbollah said, Press TV has been playing a major role in showing the reality of what's going on or at least the other side of what the Qatari media and the American media and the Turkish media have been showing. So this, in a way, is a violation of all international laws by targeting a journalist who was there in this terror attack.

Let's take this attack as a whole. I don't see what is the purpose of the attack. I mean there were explosions in the army headquarters, they attacked the army headquarters, they could not control the army headquarters because they didn't have enough manpower to control it. So, why attack this…, unless…, you know, they just want to show the world that they are still there and they still need more support and more weapons and more armed men coming in and being infiltrated into Syria to contribute to the ongoing destruction of Syria. (Read more)

Christof Lehmann, NSNBC:

Killing of Journalist Maya Naser in Damascus possibly tied to his investigation into Turkey War Crimes.

Wednesday morning the renown journalist Maya Naser was shot dead by a sniper while he was reporting from the scene of two bomb blasts in central Damascus. Maya Naser was working for PRESS TV and Al–Alam in Damascus. The PRESS TV station chief Hussein Mortada was wounded in the event but is recovering from his injuries. Journalists are frequently targeted by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the variety of radical Islamist terrorist organizations which have been attracted to Syria since the onset of the attempted subversion in March 2011. The timing of the assassination indicates that Maya Naser may have been targeted because he came dangerously close to revealing serious war crimes of the Turkish government. 

Since early 2011 more than 20 journalists have been killed in Syria. In some incidents journalists have been captured, tortured and executed. In at least one incident a journalist has been shot dead by FSA troops in an attempt to scapegoat the Syrian military. Bombs exploded in buildings of Syrian Radio and TV. 

The targeting of journalists coincides with concerted efforts to deprive Syrian media from reporting on the crisis from a Syrian perspective. On the initiative of the Arab League, and in violation of international law, both Nilesat and Arabsat stopped carrying Syrian Radio and TV signals over their satellite services in June. Meanwhile, western and and western allied Arab news services continue misrepresenting facts about the crisis in Syria. (Read more)

MKERone, CounterPsyOps:

Maya Nasser was killed by a sniper in Damascus today. And that’s a NATO technique without a doubt. Another Western assassination in Syria… Be sure that no international investigation will follow this hideous crime. No-one will be punished for this crime. No international community reaction will be displayed on all TV stations, no Hillary Clinton “the war criminal” declaration. No one will talk about it at the UN, no one will blame this assassination. Once again, you will witness international silence.

Don’t expect your usual PRESSTITUTES to talk about this great man, a man that knew the meaning of journalism, during the daily news. That is the reason why we post about his assassination. We want the world to know. So please spread the word. The world needs to know!

Don’t make Maya Nasser lifetime work end up in the trash of history and useless. This man gave his life for truth. A hero. A real hero.

His death is such a terrible news. I can’t believe he got killed. Such a courageous and honest man! May peace be upon him. We will always remember him and will always be grateful for all he did to bring truth to light. (Source)

Oksana Boyko, RT correspondent:

Kamel Wazni, political commentator:

First of all, my first word, my condolence to the family of Press TV and to journalism of the world.
I think this is a sad day when we see an individual who is carrying [out] his duty and being assassinated and killed in daylight and the world is still silent, the world that always talks about the freedom of press and it is talking about the freedom of expression and we see here a case where the world has been silent about this assassination that took place on the street of Damascus where two cars exploded killing innocent people and the world has not given what is true and this inhumane act by terrorist organizations that is trying to destroy the unity and the entity of Syria.

We have heard a lot of speeches at the UN but we have not heard the truth that is taking place on the ground. Here I think the family of Press TV presented the world to its actually martyr who actually carries [out] his duty with high ethic, with high standard and reported on the fact and died carrying the message that the truth has to be told and he told the truth till the last minute.

And I think the world should listen carefully and should condemn what has been taking place in Syria against this individual and against the mass killing that is being pushed by fanatics and al-Qaeda and certain countries that had been shipping money and terrorists into Syria and this madness has to stop. I think the Qataris and the Saudis and Turkey and the United States should look at what they have done to Syria and what they have done to the stability of Syria and the world should be listening and watching and those [people] should be accountable for this madness. (Read more)

"New Syria" on Facebook:

My friend and our Syrian hero Maya Naser was assassinated today & his colleague Hussein Murtada was injured by a sniper in Damascus when Maya, the reporter from PressTV & Hussein the head of Al Alam TV bureau in Syria, went to cover the explosion this morning at the Omayyad Square.

Maya escaped death a couple of weeks ago when he and his team fell in a trap by Erdogan thugs aka FSA on his way back from Aleppo, Murtada also escaped death less than 10 days ago when a shrapnel injured him.

Maya my friend, you were martyred while covering the events and conveying the truth to the world, they wanted to silence you to pass their lies among people, we vow to keep telling the truth and we promise you to keep defacing the criminals until they’re tried in a justice court and punished.

Rest in peace my friend, may God his almighty accept you in the highest heavens along with the martyrs, the prophets and their companions, as he promised the martyrs. (Source)

Paul Wolf, human rights and international lawyer:

I think clearly this murder was premeditated. Just look at how sophisticated this was. This murder was timed to occur right after a terrorist attack and it clearly was a terrorist attack. Your other guest expressed some question as to “why you would want to kill innocent people in front of a military base when you obviously can take the military base?” Well, that is a terrorist attack. The purpose of it is to make a big splash in the news media and make it look like the Syrian military headquarters was actually attacked itself.

So the person who committed this crime did this right after a huge terrorist attack and knew that they could get away. I do not know where the person was, presumably on the top of the building. That person could enter a building in a public square in the capital city of Damascus and know that they could get away with the gun and with the whole security establishment of Syria trying to recover from this terrorist attack. So it is a very bold plan. The person did escape. So clearly this was an assassination. And I would add a little further that that person may have known that Press TV was covering that attack.

So for people to say, “Well, Western intelligence services…,” normally I would write off that kind of comment as a conspiracy theory, but this was a very sophisticated attack and those people who killed him may have known that Press TV was going to cover it and may have been watching or even tracking, by their cell phones, the Press TV’s journalist. So I think that that is very, very significant that he was not just another journalist who died in some crossfire. He was assassinated. (Read more)

Bassam Qintar, editor of Al-Akhbar Newspaper:

The assassination of Maya Naser is a crime that was planned and committed by the rebels that they have already expressed a lot of life threats to the Press TV journalists. So it is not an accident.

It is something that has already been planned for and they knew before shooting him that he is a journalists and he is covering the event and he is not a person from the military side.

So it is very well now considered that such a crime is condemned by all the journalists in the world but we want to hear higher voices from the Western journalists that they were really shouting when there was a Western journalist killed in Syria and now we are not hearing very well their voices.

We need to raise all our voices against such a crime and also we ask for the committee for the protection of journalists also to report such a crime and also for the human rights council and especially for the human rights experts that are now reporting about Syria in order to consider such a crime and such a crime against journalists and also for sure it is not the first time but it is really the most clear crime against journalists that was directly done by the rebels in Damascus. (Read more)

Hamid Reza Emadi, Press TV News Room director:

Maya was only 33 years old and he was killed by a sniper fire this morning. Press TV strongly condemns the killing of journalists in battle zones, including the assassination of our own correspondent in Damascus.

We hold Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar who provide militants weapons to kill civilians, military personnel and journalists responsible for the killing of Maya. He was working in Damascus and Aleppo reporting on the realities on the ground with the utmost courage and professionalism.

The western-backed killers in Syria are following the example of the United States in Iraq. The US also sent snipers to assassinate people there. It is an effort on their parts, we believe, to create a feeling of insecurity among the local population and especially among the journalists.
Press TV will be pursuing the matter of the murder of Maya and will not let those who killed our correspondent feel like they can kill media people and get away with it. (Source)

Last moments of Maya Naser before his death