Translated and edited from Dutch

An Iraqi man from the Dutch city of Almere is fighting in Syria along with an extreme Islamist group. This was reported by Dutch VPRO radio programm "Bureau Buitenland" earlier this week.

The man, known as Khaled K., has been detained in the Netherlands for two weeks during the summer of 2011 on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.

Several sources confirm K.'s presence in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, "Bureau Buitenland" reported.

According to Dutch intelligence agency AIVD, the Iraqi wanted to join Al Qaeda in Syria. He reportedly also would have planned to commit terrorist attacks in Iraq or Palestine. In 2011 he was released from prison because there was not enough evidence against him.

After his release Khaled K. travelled to Syria in order to join the armed group al-Jubhat Nusra, meaning "Front for the Victory of the people of the Levant". This organization, which espouses a strict Salafi ideology, has claimed responsibility for several attacks on government buildings in Damascus.

The AIVD does not provide information on individual cases, but says that jihadists in the Netherlands become increasingly interested in the Syrian conflict.

When these islamists return to the Netherlands, they may form a threat or they may support other jihadists to commit attacks in the West, the AIVD says.

K.'s Dutch residence permit is revoked now and he is banned from entering the EU. According to the Dutch Public Ministry, Khaled K. is still a suspect in the case for which he was arrested in 2011.