Syria - The Scenes Which Are Not Being Broadcast

These are the scenes of death and torture, often quite indiscriminate, which are happening day after day in Syria.

They are not shown on TV, as they are often too horrific.

If you want to see the reality of modern Syria, do please watch the film.

Be prepared for the real life scenes.

Viewer discretion advised:

Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks Sky News's Twitter & Facebook Accounts

The Syrian Electronic Army strikes again! This time the hacking group hijacked Twitter accounts and a Facebook page of Sky News Arabia and the group also hack their emails.

The accounts affected were the channel's main twitter handle @skynewsarabia and the @skynewsarabia account used for cultural and entertainment news, as well as the Facebook page facebook/skynewsarabia. Sky News regained control of the hacked accounts some time later.

During an interview with the hackers of the Syrian Electronic Army, the hackers said that they first targeted Sky News's Email panel which is using Outlook Web App. Below is the screenshot of hacked inbox. Link:


UN studies the possibilities of sending peacekeepers to Syria

UN peace-keeping chief Hervé Ladsous has announced about studying the possibilities of sending a delegation to deploy the stability in Syria in the future.

Syrian Opposition Offices in the US Will Not Have Diplomatic Status

NEW YORK, (SANA) - A well-informed source at the United Nations said that the Syrian opposition offices to be opened in Washington and New York will not be granted diplomatic immunity.

In a statement to the Russian Itar Tass News Agency, the source added that the offices will serve as liaison communication office that is administered by the US and the international community.

Regarding rumors on the intention of the Syrian opposition to send representatives to the UN, the source said that it is impossible since they are not representatives of UN member states or official bodies.

Syrian Army Inflicts Heavy Losses upon Terrorists in Several Provinces

Units of the Armed Forces on Thursday pursued armed terrorist groups in Erbin, Zamalka and Adra al-Balad, Tal Kurdi, Douma Farms and Harasta, inflicting heavy losses upon their members.

Moscow Welcomes the Syrian Opposition's Readiness for Dialogue

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, said his country welcomes the Syrian opposition's readiness for starting dialogue with the government. link:

The Syrian Arab Army would rather sleep on the ground than break into people's homes.


Feb 6, 2013

Peaceful settlement of Syrian crisis on the horizon

After more than 23 months of violence and bloodshed in Syria, the opposition has become disappointed and thus has called for the start of talks with the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Neither the opposition nor the government has been able to bring an end to the nearly two-year conflict, and negotiation seems to be the last option left for resolving the crisis. link: 

Syrian Army Soldiers Celebrating a Victory Their Way

After accomplishing a mission cleansing a town from NATO Al Qaeda FSA mercenaries a group of Syrian Army soldiers decided to celebrate their own way. Enjoy the dance:

Syria's top official visits China for talks with Chinese leaders

Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad is in China for talks with top Chinese officials in an effort to push for negotiations to end Syria's crisis. Miqdad has already met with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in the capital Beijing. Although China's economic influence in the Middle East is expanding, Beijing refuses to interfere directly in the region.