So much for an ice-free Arctic. Henry Hudson’s long-ago dream of a Northwest Passage that would link England to the Orient by sea will have to wait another century as Mother Earth gives him the cold shoulder. Again.

From Real Science: “1979 was the peak year for Arctic ice, yet 2012 has more ice around Greenland and Alaska than 1979 did.”

Same date satellite data seems to show that Iceland and everywhere else is iced over this year when they were feeling a little green 33 years ago.

Of course, our moral and intellectual superiors elsewhere in the press keep banging the drums of Man Caused Global Warming.

From Medill Reports, which is written and produced by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University’s Medill school:

Rising temperatures and more heat waves due to climate change can cause heat stroke, heart attacks, dehydration and even increased incidences of violent crime and suicide, said Dr. Aaron Bernstein, associate director of Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment. Bernstein kicked off a day of provocative presentations at Northwestern University’s third annual Climate Change Symposium, held Thursday. He showed how seemingly small changes in average temperatures translate into much longer cycles of very hot days and record hot days.

Rising sea levels and more extreme weather events can displace large numbers of people living in coastal cities or island nations, he said. “Weather refugees” have higher incidences of infectious diseases, he noted. Bernstein compared the lackluster political and social response regarding the climate change crisis to a scenario from emergency medicine.

“The situation is akin to showing up to the emergency room with some pain in your belly and it hurts on your right side and you feel nauseous. And the emergency room doctor says, ‘Boy that’s probably some indigestion. We are going to send you home.’ And you are thinking, ‘Could this be appendicitis?’ ”

Just how a temperature increase does all this is not explained. Not being a scientist, I would compare the crime and suicide rates in New Delhi — a warm place — to those of Detroit. But I don’t think the good doctor did so and I don’t think reporter Lisa Barbella asked.

It’s just another attention grabbing headline — “Harvard physician warns of climate change health hazards” — that shows the same scare tactics used by scam artists. I was watching an episode of “Family Guy” where a salesman tries to sell the gullible father “volcano insurance” in Rhode Island. That’s what all this nonsense reminds me of.

Anyway, the polar bears are safer today than they were 33 years ago.

And come to think of it, the rest of us are from “heat stroke, heart attacks, dehydration and even increased incidences of violent crime and suicide.” reports of seas rising from a melting polar icecap are greatly exaggerated.

Hat tip: Tom Nelson.